Lesson Content

Private Lesson

    One-on-one tutoring, so you can improve very efficiently. Since it is a reservation system, you can take lessons and time according to your own pace.

Admission fee ¥ 5000(There is a referral discount)
Lesson Fee 6 point〜
※It depends on the instructor
Lesson Time Per lesson 25 minutes

Group Lesson

    For those who want to dance together, group lessons are recommended. In the introductory class and beginner class, you will learn the basics of dance, and in the intermediate and advanced classes, we aim to further improve the level.

Admission fee none
※When joining a group lesson, the entrance fee is half price (2500 yen).
Lesson fee It depends on each class.
Lesson time Per lesson 50 minutes
Content Beginner ClassBasic Class . See below for details
Basic Class
Date Every Friday 13:00~13:50
Lesson fee Per lesson ¥ 550 or 1 point
Type Jitterbug、Blues、Waltz、Rumba
Content Perform basics such as stretching, balance, standing, and walking.
Beginner Class
Date Every Wednesday 13:00〜13:50
Lesson fee 7 points(4 times a month)
Pay each time 2 points
Trial: ¥ 1000
Type Monthly standard and Latin.
Content The goal is to learn the basic steps of a textbook.
Instructor Rie / Abe / Kinjo
Middle Class
Date Every Monday 14:00〜15:10
Lesson fee 21 points(7 times in 2 months)
Pay each time 4 points or ¥ 2000
Trial: ¥ 1500
Content Only Standard.The lesson is aimed at dancing one-and-a-half to two-lap steps (the first type is decided) in two months.
*The Type changes every two months.
Instructor Rie / Abe / Kinjo

Junior Class

    By starting dancing from a young age, children's motor nerve development, expressive power will be enriched, and children's possibilities will be greatly expanded, including improved communication.

Date undecided
Content 10 Dance

Young Class

    Limited class for people in their 20s and 30s. Let's dance happily with friends of the same age.

Date undecided
Content 10 dance

Wedding Class

    As a wedding performance, we offer wedding dance lessons by the bride and groom and their families, which are common in overseas weddings. Please be assured that beginners and those who have been dancing will make suggestions from simple choreography to those people.

Date As needed
Content Desired type

Free Dance

    All-free dance time. Please feel free to join even with your friends. Staff will also participate

Date Every Tuesday    16:00〜17:00
Content 10 dance
Lesson fee Per lesson ¥ 800
Instructor Rie / Abe / Kinjo

Business Trip Class

    Group lessons are also held outside the studio. The venues and dates vary depending on the circle, so please feel free to contact them.

Admission fee none
Lesson fee It depends on each class.
Lesson time Per lesson 50 minutes〜
Hana no kai
Date 3 or 4 times a months Friday 14:00~15:30
Place Musasino Civic Center(Musashisakai Sta.)
Membership fee Monthly fee ¥ 3,500
Instructor Abe / Kinjo
Contact information 0422-46-1127
Date 3 or 4 times a months Sun 14:00〜15:45
Place Kiratto Friendly(Tanashi Sta.)
Hibarigaoka Public Hall(Hibarigaoka Sta.)
Membership fee Monthly fee ¥ 3,500
Instructor Kinjo
contact information 090-1544-1635
Date 3 or 4 times a months Sunday 18:30〜20:30
Place Kiratto Friendly(Tanashi Sta.)
Membership fee Monthly fee ¥ 3,000
Instructor Kinjo
Contact information 090-1038-3066
Date 2 times a months Wednesday 13:30〜14:45
Place Onuma Public Hall (Kodaira Sta.)& Chuo Public Hall(Oumekaidou Sta.)
Membership fee Monthly fee ¥ 2,500
Instructor Abe
contact information 042-342-4252
Gold Shako Dance
Date 3 or 4 times a months Wednesday
13:15〜13:45 Free lesson
14:00〜15:00 Lesson
14:00〜15:00 Free Time
Place Shinmachi kōryū center(Hino Sta.)
Membership fee Monthly fee ¥ 3,000
Instructor Kinjo / Rie
contact information 042-246-1127

Group Lesson Schedule

Currently recruiting new members!!

Lesson fee

Admission fee ¥ 5000  (tax excluded)

※There will be no renewal since it is a permanent member.

points price (tax included) expiration date
25 points ¥  15,400 2 months
50 points ¥  29,700 4 months
100 points ¥  55,500 6 months
200 points ¥ 107,800 10 months

※Rewards cards are valid only for you.
※Private lessons are not fixed and can be changed once.
※If you cancel on the day, you will get points for the reservation, so please inform us of the change of reservation by the day before.
※If the card is lost, a reissue fee of 500 yen will be charged.
※If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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